Danube Pearl-Adorned Plate

Danube Pearl-Adorned Plate

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Danube Pearl-Adorned Plate is perfect for your platting. It can use for main dishes, fruit, and others. This plate is stylish with the blue pattern, pearl shape, and round shape.

All pieces are handmade individually thrown and trimmed on a pottery wheel. They are glazed with dipping method in our custom studio glaze and fired to 1240 degree Celsius. All pieces use high fire stonewares and are safe to be used for eating, drinking and placed inside a cooking oven. Please hand-wash your handmade pottery but on some occasions you may also use dishwasher. The use of microwave is not advisable.

Danube: Tenmoku is made from feldspar, limestone and iron oxide. The more quickly a piece is cooled, the blacker the glaze will be. Tenmokus are known for their variability, ranging from dark to light with layers to create depth and dimension.

Diameter : 26cm

Height : 4cm

Note: Please note that depends on the glazing of the ceramic, the 'Icicle' glaze may come out different. This can be seen on the pictures below with the darker and lighter Icicle glazes.

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