SisaSisaStudio x AL Ceramics - Sandstone Lamp

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SisaSisaStudio x AL Ceramics

Creative process is all about trial and error,

with little wins and messy excess in between.

SisaSisaStudio, translates directly as "studio residues", is a project initiated by Ruth Marbun to comprise the creative urgency and its impact - by simply giving second chances to artistic residues (let it be material or ideas) with a touch of functionality.

The lamps shown is the result of the collaboration between Ruth Marbun and AL Ceramics; Leftover canvases from the studio of Ruth Marbun serving as the cap for the lamps whilst ceramic bases are handmade and individually thrown from the studio of AL Ceramics.

Please read!

Once an order has been placed, please send a WhatsApp at (+62 895 332026002) to confirm your order and shipping fee; due to the large size of the lamps and Shopify's inconsistency in giving out the right shipping fee, please do expect to pay an additional fee to ship the lamps.

If you live outside the Jabodetabek area/outside of Indonesia, please do specify this so we can prepare for shipment. Please do expect a 1 week lead time for shipment.

Height: ± 62 cm 


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