Brown Grey Medium Bowl

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All pieces are handmade individually thrown and trimmed on a pottery wheel. They are glazed with dipping method in our custom studio glaze and fired to 1240 degree Celsius. All pieces use high fire stonewares and are safe to be used for eating, drinking and placed inside a cooking oven. Please hand-wash your handmade pottery but on some occasions you may also use dishwasher. The use of microwave is not advisable.

Slate Grey:

The slate grey represents our gratification towards monochromatic and minimal designs. A lot of our designs are heavily influenced by modern and simplified lines while juxtaposing them with deep and complex textures. This one is quite different than most collections because in Slate Grey, we keep the glaze plain and simple. Slate Grey pieces celebrates the quietness in practicing simplicity.

Due to the unpredictable nature of firing ceramics, glazes can turn out differently. In this case, the Slate Grey glaze turned out a little bit brown

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