Titanium Bottle Vase

Titanium Bottle Vase

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All pieces are handmade individually thrown and trimmed on a pottery wheel. They are glazed with dipping method in our custom studio glaze and fired to 1240 degree Celsius. 


Titanium glaze has got to be the most exciting glaze in our studio. Depending on the atmospheric environment at firing, their result could be ranging from deep purple to dark blue to greenish white to the most stark one: speckled brown. Definitely it is the most fluctuated glaze we're working with and the most fun! we are always looking forward to a kiln opening when a titanium glaze is involved. The pieces made by our studio is always either hand thrown or hand-built, fired to cone 6-8. All glazed are food, oven and dishwasher safe.

Capacity: 10 cm

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