AL Ceramics x Duft & Chandelle Holiday Candle - Medium Candle Container with Lid

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This holiday season, AL Ceramics collaborated with Duft and Chandelle to create a limited edition scented candle. This fragrance, specifically created for Unearth, is released only once a year for the holiday season.

Floral, spicy yet fresh - the vivid notes behind December which is a collective fragrance of indescribable joy welcoming the year end.

All ceramics are individually hand thrown and fired at 1240 degrees Celsius. Due to its handmade nature, each piece is unique on its own.

Duft and Chandelle's candles are hand poured and made with 100% premium quality soy wax.


Note: The discounted price is due to the lid that does not properly fit to the container but there is no defect with the candle or the container itself.

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